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1978 Chevrolet Dually  

This is my 1978 Chevrolet Dually...When I bought this, my friends called it, "The Junkyard Reject". It was in REALLY bad shape, and it had so much rust that I didn't know if I could save it or not. But after welding in new floor pans and some body panels, replacing the doors, doing hundreds of hours of body work, painting it white, fixing the blown head gasket, doing a major tune up, doing a complete brake job, restoring the interior, putting in a new bed liner and camper shell, and new tires...HEY!, it runs and drives pretty good. This is the biggest vehicle I've ever had, and it's kinda like driving a school bus...but it will pull or haul anything! ;)

If you have an interest in any of my "Madness", or have any questions, then please send me some mail!

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