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SnowSurfer's   Addiction!

Hello...My name is Lee, and I'm an addict. :) Yeah, I was addicted to snowboarding the first time I tried it, and I don't think I will ever be able to break the habit. Unfortunately, the winter doesn't last all year, so I'm also very addicted to wakeboarding. It's not quite as fun as "snowsurfing", but it's doubt. These are my snowboards of choice...


(K2 "JuJu" 151)

(Ride "KX600" 160)

(Ride "Control" 163)

My wakeboard is an (O'brien "Buzz").

Cruisin' at Copper Mountain, CO.

Coming in for a Lake Lanier.

Going Crazy at Whistler, was only 30 below zero!

"Goin' Off!!!" Lake Lanier.

"I WISH!!!"

If you have an interest in any of my "Madness", or have any questions, then please send me some mail!

There have been... "Snow Junkies" to visit my page.

"Just Had Lunch, and Ready To Ride!" Whistler, Canada.

"OK, OK, OK, Take the Picture and Let's GO!!!" Whistler, Canada.

"Carvin' a Turn!" Vail, CO.

Ready To Go After Jackson Hole, WY.

Rippin' Lake Lanier.

"Cleared for Take-Off" Cataloochee, NC.

"Let's Ride!" Jackson Hole, WY.

"On the Edge!" Vail, CO.

"Puttin' on the Brakes" Vail, CO.

"DUDE!!!...Uhhh, Dude???" Blackcomb, Canada.

"Taking A Break!" Jackson Hole, WY.

"Knee-Deep, and then some!" Copper Mt, CO.

"Take-Off & Touch-Down!" Blackcomb, Canada.

"Whoa!...InComing!" Blackcomb, Canada.

"Wonder what's over this hill?" Blackcomb, Canada.

"Wheelie out of the Trees!" Whistler, Canada.

"Eatin' Snow!, Bummmmer!!!" Blackcomb, Canada.

"Gettin Ready!" Jackson Hole, WY.

How does a Snowboarder introduce himself to a skier?
"Sorry, Dude!"

What's the difference between a vacuum and a snowboard?
"The way the Dirtbag is attached!"

What was I doing with the cow at Whistler?

What were my friends doing while I was on the mountain?
"Don't Ask!!!"

The 1999 Crew...Waiting For The Train To Whistler!
"Jeff, Wendy, Tony, Ginny, Warren...and Me!"

The 2000 Crew...Above the Clouds in Lake Tahoe!
"Mark, Warren, Jack...and Me!"

The 2001 Crew...Ready to Ride in Utah!
"Jack, Mark...and Me in the Middle!"

The 2003 Crew...Rippin it up in Jackson Hole!
"Jeff, Mark, Tony...and Me!"

A Few of Mark's Finer Moments!
"Cracked Ribs, Bruised Lung and Still Riding!"...Solitude, Utah.

"Getting Above The Clouds"...Whistler, Canada.

"Time To Rock And Roll" Blackcomb, Canada.

"Let it Snow!"...Whistler Village, Canada.

"Nice Views!" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Nice Runs!" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Where's that Candy Bar?" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Going UP?" Squaw Valley, NV.

"My Favorite Line" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Above The Clouds" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"The Lunch Spot" Jackson Hole, WY.

"Great View!" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"The Tram Building" Jackson Hole, WY.

"Another Great View!" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Water's Edge" Lake Tahoe, NV.

"Nice Drop!" Solitude, Utah.

"Great Powder!" Solitude, Utah.

"In the Back Seat!" Solitude, Utah.

"Just Chillin" Snowbird, Utah.

"I'm Ready, Let's Go!" Solitude, Utah.

"Even the Little Trees Don't Move!" Brighton, Utah.

"Going Down!?!" Solitude, Utah.

"It's Gonna SNOW!!!" Solitude, Utah.

"On the Chair" Solitude, Utah.

"More Chillin!" Snowbird, Utah.

"Looking Across the Valley" Solitude, Utah.

"Wide-Open Runs" Snowbird, Utah.

"LunchTime!!!" Snowbird, Utah.

"What a Ride!" Solitude, Utah.

"The 2001 Crew, on the Way UP!" Snowbird, Utah.

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